Track & trace system

We provide an open and honest relationship with our customers with our full track and trace system for your instruments.

At IHSS, we have implemented and manage a leading track and trace system within our decontamination facilities. The track & trace system is fundamental to the whole decontamination process allowing a “Live View” of our process from point of receipt, through reprocessing and then back to delivered products at the customers hospital or department.

The application not only provides an independent, robust and comprehensive tracking and tracing function but also the tools and ability to deliver
services requested by our Customers.

Flexible track & trace

IHSS has specific experience of networking hospital systems: we currently have over 140 stations within the NHS linking back to our data centres. Combined with our web module that can be used with multiple devices, customers can access their data from desktop PC’s, laptops and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This provides the convenience of reviewing data from anywhere and not having to be tied to your desk.

The track and trace system, will not only enhance the service, but also give you, the Customer, access to data to help with the running of the theatres and departments. The solution is flexible and can be upgraded or expanded easily should other functionality be required.

The system monitors trays and supplementary instruments at every stage of the process, offering “real-time” information:

Collection and delivery times

Full history of trays including number of usages

Trolley details

Missing instruments/errors/repairs

Washer details including parameters and contents

All staff who handled the trays during the process

Steriliser details including parameters and contents

Instrument inventory and utilisation

Packing details including specific instructions and images

IHSS will work together with the Customer IT and Clinical teams to provide all necessary interfaces and protocols required.

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