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Our Partners

IHSS are part of a larger corporate structure and through our parent and sister companies we are able to provide a variety of services and solutions widely used within the Healthcare sector.


Founded in 1982, VAMED has become the leading global provider of a full line of services for hospitals and other health care facilities.

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Avensys provide a range of services to the healthcare sector including clinical engineering, clinical engineering training and apprenticeships, resale of medical devices and medical device storage.

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Audere Medical Services

Audere Medical Services provide a comprehensive range of medical decontamination services to service, validate and repair decontamination equipment in NHS hospitals and private hospitals, NHS and private dental practices, laboratories and universities throughout the UK.

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Cutting Edge

IHSS are also pleased to announce a partnership with Cutting Edge Surgical Instruments Limited, providing Surgical Instrument Repair and Supply and bringing our customers an unbeatable service in both quality and cost.

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