2021- IHSS Ltd. Gender Pay Gap Report

At IHSS Limited, we value partnerships and collaborations. As an organisation we aim to employ individuals diverse in characteristics, values, beliefs and background. The organisation will simultaneously aim to foster an inclusive work environment in which all employees feel respected, accepted, supported and valued.

Gender Pay is not the same as Equal Pay. A gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in the pay of men and women across an entire organisation, regardless of the nature or level of their work. It is different from an equal pay comparison, which involves a direct comparison of two people or groups of people carrying out the same work or work of equal value.

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What is our Gender Pay Gap?

Our mean gender pay gap is 5.4% which is lower than the reported figure in 2020 (6.0%).
Our median gender pay gap is reduced from 2020, with a movement from 1.9% to -2.1%.

IHSS gender pay gap 2020-21

Hourly Pay Gap


When comparing mean (average) hourly pay, women’s mean hourly pay is 5.4% lower than men’s.


In this organisation, men earn £0.98 for every £1 that women earn when comparing median hourly pay. Their median hourly pay is 2.1% lower than women’s.

What is our Bonus Gap?

No bonuses were paid during the 12 months preceding the 6th April 2021.

Pay Quartiles

Within the charts below we have shown the distribution of gender across our four pay quartiles within IHSS. On the 6th of April 2021 we employed 371 people.

Lower hourly paid quarter 2020-21
Upper middle hourly paid quarter 2020-21
Lower middle hourly paid quarter 2020-21
Upper hourly paid quarter 2020-21

How do we plan to close the Gender Pay Gap?

Despite taking definite steps forward in recent years, we are still striving to eliminate our gender pay gap. Our Senior Leadership team are committed to this goal; in fact, the introduction of female colleagues within senior management roles is demonstrating the benefits and value of a balanced team across all levels of the organisation.

The gender pay statistics are showing we are moving the needle in the right direction, this is due to initiatives such as:

  • Educating and training our hiring managers  in line with our recruitment beliefs, policies and procedures. This has produced benefits such as:
    • giving us a bigger talent pool
    • increasing employee engagement and trust
    • providing more opportunities for innovation
  • Established salary bands for each job role within the organisation, which promotes transparency and invites negotiation around an employee’s salary and reward structure.
  • Increased participation in flexible working which • has enabled parents to better manage the demands at home alongside full-time or part-time employment.

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