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Sterilisation of surgical instruments for cosmetic surgeries is something we have extensive experience in, understanding the needs of cosmetic surgeons.

As well as providing sterile surgical instruments to this sector, IHSS Ltd are working with our customers to refine the decontamination process as well as the specific additional services we offer to cosmetic surgeries.

As cosmetic surgeons tend to prefer re-usable surgical instruments, we at IHSS have a successful track record with this sector. The superior quality of re-usable instrumentation means the purchasing of this equipment needs careful consideration. We, drawing upon our wealth of knowledge and expertise, are able to advise on this and procure a multitude of instruments on your behalf.

We understand that not all our customers will have the same needs and we are therefore able to offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to your requirements.  At IHSS, we have our own dedicated logistical team to take care of the transportation of used and clean equipment from your site to our decontamination and sterilisation facility and back.

We believe in having a relationship that is open and fair, where we are able to build a strong working relationship to provide an unsurpassed level of quality, care and diligence to our customers.