General Practitioners / Minor Injury Units

General Practitioners / Minor Injury Units

With the ever increasing demand on GP’s and Minor Injury Units, IHSS have been able to support by providing a decontamination and sterilisation service to GP’s in the community.

At IHSS, we work in partnership with our customers, helping them transition from single use instruments to a suitable range of superior quality reusable surgical instrumentation at a competitive price through our UK based suppliers.

Family Planning Clinic

Understandably, our customers’ main focus and energy is on their core clinical business.

The additional workload that comes with managing their own sterilisation and decontamination unit is something that IHSS can take care of, enabling our customers to focus on their patients’ needs.

Podiatric Services

Many of our customers may not have the knowledge or time to think about processing their podiatry sets and manage a sterile service unit in a cost effective way.

IHSS are able to support you in the procurement of any additional instrumentation through our sister companies and our previous experience. Furthermore, our expertise allows us to advise on how to best standardise your podiatry sets. This not only gives you savings, it also allows us to deliver the most robust and efficient solution possible.

Dental Surgeries

IHSS Ltd supply dental sterilisation services to a number of dental groups and single practices across London and Kent.

Understandably, our customers’ main focus and energy is on their core clinical business. The extra workload that comes with managing their own sterilisation and decontamination units is something that IHSS can take care of, leaving our customers with more valuable time spent on focussing on their patients.

We aim to provide a service that ensures peace of mind for our customers and feel that communication is a key factor in maintaining a good relationship and delivering a service that surpasses expectations.

Cosmetic Surgery

This is why they choose you. As a centre of excellence in Cosmetic Surgery, with experts in every area offering a diverse range of procedures, sterilisation of surgical instruments for cosmetic sur-geries is something we have extensive experience in; understanding the needs of cosmetic surgeons.

As cosmetic surgeons tend to prefer re-usable surgical instruments, we at IHSS have a successful track record with this sector. The superior quality of re-usable instrumentation means the purchasing of this equipment needs careful consideration. We, drawing upon our wealth of knowledge and expertise, are able to advise on this and procure a multitude of instruments on your behalf.

Acute Hospitals / Community Services

IHSS have provided sterile service solutions to NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups for the past 17 years.

We’ve been working with NHS Trusts and CCGs across London and Kent for the past 12 years, providing decontamination & sterilisation of medical devices to a large number of individual hospitals.

Our approach is always to develop a close working relationship at an operational and senior management level, leading to strong partnerships being formed with our customers. We understand the changing needs of our customers, and so we are continually improving our service through the course of the contracts by developing and enhancing our processes. Superior levels of quality and customer satisfaction are very important to IHSS, and through the knowledge of our experienced staff, we are able to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Patients protected. Reputation assured.