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From consultancy to logistics and procurement, IHSS can offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

At IHSS Ltd, we aim to provide a tailored solution to our customers needs.  We have highly skilled staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience that can support our customers through our core operation of medical instrument decontamination, whilst also offering the following additional services;

  •              Consultancy
  •              Instrument Marking
  •              Instrumentation Procurement
  •              Loan Set Management
  •              Instrument Repair and Maintenance


We provide tailored solutions to all our customers, enabling a more efficient running of on-site decontamination and sterilisation services.  Our managers have a wealth of knowledge that can be transferred to staff to ensure that a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution is delivered.

Instrument Marking
We are always looking for innovative ways to improve the service supplied to our customers.  We have introduced a programme to ‘Laser Mark’ reusable surgical instrumentation. Through investing in laser marking equipment and this programme we have improved the quality of service and traceability of instruments.

Our customers can have complete peace of mind by having access to full traceability for all their instruments at each stage of the decontamination and sterilisation process. Our laser marking technology is fully compatible with T-DOC, our Track & Trace system.

Instrumentation Procurement
Our extensive experience in the field means we can procure medical instruments for our customers. Whether you need to replace items that are worn beyond economic repair, to meet the needs for new sets or complete new services – we can assist you.

In addition to surgical instruments, IHSS are able to supply a range of instrumentation for all clinical requirements including Podiatry, Family Planning and many other clinical services.

Loan Set Management

We are able to work with loan set providers to help you manage your loan set requirements with full intergration to our T-DOC system. This managed service can improve the efficency of our customer's procurement and deliver significant cost savings.

Instrument Repairs and Maintenance

Managing repairs and maintenance can be arranged solely by IHSS using our preferred instrument repairers or for more specialist items the instrument manufactures. Each customer can have a fully tailored service to meet their requirements.