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Our objective at IHSS Ltd is to sustain our organic growth through the continual innovation and development of our services, supported by a series of medium-term focus areas and key actions at both group and business line level.

Targets & Goals

Our target is to be the number one choice for decontamination and sterile services for both Acute and Private institutions.  In order to achieve this, we are always looking at innovative ways to provide a better robust service where our customers can rest assured that their instruments are with the best service provider.

Delivering sustainable organic growth
We believe there are significant opportunities in emerging markets, where volume growth and winning new contracts remain.  We continue to work closely with our customers and suppliers to find innovative ways that IHSS Ltd can help provide a better service with our partners.

Maintaining a motivated workforce driven by an experienced management team
Our management teams are fully focused on delivering the best possible service to our customers.  In order to achieve this, a motivated workforce must be in place.  We achieve this by having an inclusive environment where staff at all levels are encouraged to come forward with ways that IHSS can improve the level of service provided and what we can do to help our staff.

The responsibility of staff training and recruitment remains with our regional business units.  We focus on induction training at all levels and continual individual development plans.  Our production staff regularly have training sessions to develop new skillsets, from the inspection and cleaning of individual instrumentation to the management of teams.

At IHSS, we always look to promote in-house first whenever there is a vacancy position advertised internally.  We strongly believe that our staff should be recognised and rewarded accordingly which benefits the staff, our company and ultimately - our customers

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