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Quality is at the forefront of all our processes at IHSS, and we know it is what defines us as a business.  We aim to exceed expectation, achieving the best results for our customers. We understand what significance our performance has on the end user and patients alike.

Our Quality Objectives

  • IHSS aim to provide a service which supports a positive clinical outcome for patients - no cancelled operations.
  • IHSS aim to achieve zero defects on instruments with organic contamination.
  • IHSS aim to provide a service which meets its contractual requirements for damaged, missing or incorrect instruments.
  • IHSS aim to provide a service which meets its contractual requirements ensuring all instruments are delivered on time and in full.
  • Where instrument sets arrive incorrect, IHSS will identify these through the Quarantine Process and where contractually agreed inform the Customers.

Our robust Quality Management System is integrated into all of our processes and is in place to ensure all aspects of our service are delivered to the highest standard, with clear definite instructions and guidance provided for all processes. Our internal procedures are continually reviewed and updated through internal and external auditing, ensuring IHSS’s performance remains a market leader in the constantly evolving decontamination and sterilisation markets.

Quality Management System

IHSS employ locally dedicated quality service teams who deal directly with the customer in handling queries, requests and complaints. Through the service team, root cause analysis is applied to all complaints to determine reasoning and gaps in employee training, which can then result in further action if deemed necessary. The local teams are supported by a dedicated IHSS Quality Manager and Regulatory Affairs Manager.

IHSS maintain a zero tolerance policy on organic contamination with regular team briefings and individual meetings employed to ensure staff competency in delivering a first-class service. At all times we aim to supply decontaminated, sterile instruments with no contamination.

Our QMS makes use of live customer feedback & quarantine databases enabling customers to keep up to date with the status of a particular set or instrument through the process.

IHSS are able to generate customer specific reports providing a valuable source of information, helping customers identify their efficiency and stock level management capabilities.

IHSS have a Disaster Recovery Procedure (DRP) in place with enough ‘spare’ capacity at each site to accommodate additional workloads whilst maintaining the high standards required to ensure our customers requirements are met at all times. Our qualified on site engineers are also available on a 24hr basis to perform maintenance of machinery within our facilities, so disasters can be avoided and the machines are kept in the best possible condition.

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