IHSS are proud to announce its affiliation with the Good Business Charter, signifying its commitment to ethical business practices. The Charter recognises companies for their dedication to ten key components, including fair pay, employee well-being, and environmental sustainability.

IHSS’s alignment with the Charter underscores its devotion to fostering a positive impact on society while maintaining excellence in core business practices. By becoming a signatory, IHSS joins a growing community of businesses dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world.

As part of the Charter, IHSS is committed to providing a healthy and supportive working environment, prioritising employee well-being as fundamental to business success. The company is also dedicated to minimising its environmental footprint, actively working towards implementing eco-friendly practices.

“We are thrilled to join the Good Business Charter, aligning ourselves with organisations committed to ethical business practices. Our pledge to uphold the Charter’s principles demonstrates our dedication to having a positive impact on social and environmental aspects” said Matthew LeMasonry, Chairman of the Green Team at IHSS.

IHSS’s participation in the Good Business Charter reaffirms its position as a responsible corporate citizen, prioritising ethical conduct and sustainable business practices. For more information, visit and explore the Good Business Charter at goodbusinesscharter.com.

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