Vision and Values

Vision and Values


We always address the root causes of safety issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. This approach actively supports our ambition to become a lean, innovative operation where everyone goes home safely every day. The result is a culture of ‘total safety’ that benefits all.


We are passionate about the quality of our work, the people we work with and the world we live in. We take time to listen, look ahead and deliver exactly what our customers need. We create the kinds of customer relationships in which care is given and appreciated by both sides.

One Team

We build great relationships between our teams to connect our people
and expertise with customers and partners so we can deliver the best possible service. We build on each other’s strengths so we can succeed together. Our teams become an extension of our customers’ teams.


We do what we say we’ll do. That’s the way to win trust and demonstrate our inner strength. It’s about being true to our values and behaving in accordance with them in every situation, no matter how difficult.

“Our vision is to provide a sterile supply chain, driven by clinical demand, in which reprocessed instruments and sterile disposables are delivered on a priority basis to the point of use”

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