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With over 30 year's experience of working with the NHS, Berendsen has the depth of experience and expertise to handle all your hospital linen requirements. With a wide range of products, and services tailored to your needs, you can rely on Berendsen to get on with the collection, cleaning and delivery of your linen to the wards while you concentrate on what matters most – patient care.


Healthcare customers choose Berendsen because we are experts in infection control and linen management.

They require reliability, dependability and the highest standards of cleanliness, including thermal disinfection of soiled linen and strict procedures on its handling. Within many hospitals we have an on-site team delivering linen direct to each ward, every day, to ensure that the medical staff can concentrate on patient care.

We save our customers money, space and management time in dealing with products as diverse as blankets, mattress pads, bed linen and patient gowns.

Clinical Solutions

Our Clinical Solutions business provides acute hospitals and healthcare providers in the UK with a variety of products and services.

IHSS are a market-leading supplier in the rapidly developing medical instrument decontamination and sterilisation services sector. and offer a fully compliant documented Quality Management System coupled with a comprehensive Track & Trace capability, giving IHSS the edge in providing an efficient, decontamination and sterilisation solution to the NHS and private healthcare providers.

For over thirty years, Rocialle has supplied healthcare providers with sterile and non-sterile consumable items, vital to patient care. During that time Rocialle has become widely regarded by both clinical and commercial specialists as a reliable partner, sharing the objectives of improved patient experience, cost reduction and the focus of resources on patient care.

Guardian is the UK´s only provider of multi-use surgical drapes and gowns to operating theatres. The service includes delivery, collection, re-processing and sterilisation. Guardian also manufactures custom single-use drapes for operating theatres and, on an OEM basis, for other manufacturers of medical devices.



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The Decontamination Cycle

At IHSS we pride ourselves in the quality of the services we provide. we have created this short video to help demonstrate "The IHSS Decontamination Cycle"

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The Low Temperature Option

Mention budgets and cost cutting and most healthcare professionals will inwardly groan. It probably seems to many people in the sector – especially those with long memories – that financial pressures have been with us since time immemorial. Unfortunately, and without wishing to add to the general despondency around this subject, the situation is unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future.
Even advances in technology, although bringing benefits for clinicians and patients alike, can present fresh challenges if investment in new equipment, staff training or facilities is required, but cannot be adequately funded.  
These devices, however, require specialised handling as they are generally constructed from lightweight composite or flexible materials and often incorporate sensitive electronic components.
There is, therefore, a growing risk if sterilisation has to be compromised or if the use of advanced medical devices has to be curtailed because they cannot be reliably reprocessed, due to cost constraints or lack of skilled staff. Until recently, this issue has been exacerbated by the limited options available. 

The frequently used alternative to high temperature steam sterilisation is manual cleaning with warm water and detergent, followed by disinfection using chlorine dioxide or chlorhexidine wipes. In some instances, disinfection at low temperatures using chemicals or a washer-disinfector may also be used. 
A new and perhaps more viable option for many hospitals is to partner with a specialised outsourced provider, which has the dedicated facilities and levels of investment capable of delivering a fast and cost effective low temperature sterilisation service. IHSS, for example, uses the latest hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) technology, which has been developed specifically for sterilising advanced medical devices, such as ureteroscopes, choledochoscopes, intubation endoscopes and the Endoeye Flex 3D videoscope. 

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How Low Temperature Sterilisation aids Infection Control

New technology, especially the latest generation of robotic systems, combined with tougher controls and guidelines are pushing the healthcare sector towards greater use of low
temperature sterilisation.
The need for low temperature sterilisation has been recognised in the healthcare sector for some time, as a vital method of decontaminating the latest generation of high-tech medical
devices and improving patient safety still further.
To date, the challenge has been a lack of suitable reprocessing options, combined with limited knowledge in both the private and public sectors about the options available and the implications
for healthcare providers.
IHSS are now proud to offer a Low Temperature Sterilisation service.

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What are the Challenges and Opportunities in Private Healthcare?  

Private Healthcare organisations are not immune to the increasing and evolving strains that are being placed on the Healthcare sector. The challenges being faced within the NHS are well documented but many private organisations are presented with the same problems, with the added insult of their own sector’s obstacles. The climate and attitude towards private healthcare is changing in the UK and this poses extra challenges, but there are also opportunities that are presenting themselves.

IHSS are proving to be an effective business partner for private clinics and hospitals by providing a high quality decontamination service that protects the precious reputation of our private healthcare customers. Cost reductions, use of technical innovation and theatre efficiency improvements are just some of the reasons that many people are opting to partner with IHSS.

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